Speaker, Vice President Public Affairs Philip Morris

Nevena Crljenko

Speaker, Chairwoman of the Board and CEO of Philip Morris for CZ, SK, HU

Andrea Gontkovičová

Speaker, Ambassador of the Embassy of Sweden in Prague

Fredrik Jörgensen

Speaker, Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa

Mosa Ditty Sejosingoe

Speaker, Chief Gestor of the Rovná odměna (Equal pay) project, MPSV ČR

Lenka Simerská

Speaker, HR director and member of the Supervisory Board, Allianz pojišťovna

Eva Koubíková

Speaker, General Manager CZ & SK, the LEGO Group

Martin J. Siebenhandl

Speaker, Chief Strategy Officer VML

Kristýna Ochvatová

Speaker, OECD Deputy Secretary-General

Ulrik Vestergaard Knudsen

Speaker, Head of Expert Activities Department MPSVČR

Jana Skalková

Speaker, CFO pro střední a východní Evropu, MARS

Marian Bogdány

Speaker, Deputy Secretary General CEI

Nina Kodelja

Speaker, Chief Services Officer, GasNet s.r.o.

Erika Vorlová

Speaker, CEO & Co-Founder of Pestle & Mortar

Sonia Deasy

Speaker, Senior Manager People Engagement, DEI, Philip Morris CZ, SK, HU

Michaela Prajerová

Speaker, Prezidentka BPWCR a zakladatelka Equal Pay Day ČR

Lenka Šťastná

Speaker, Ambassador of Malaysia to the Czech Republic

Suzilah Mohd. Sidek

Speaker, President of CONAF

Cristina Chiriac

Speaker, General Manager Central Eastern Europe, Danone

Frederic Guichard

Speaker, Head of People, Place & Culture, CEEMEA, LEGO Trading s.r.o.

Janet Ross

Speaker, Global Community Director of Women in Tech

Monika Rizovska Tanevska

Speaker, Head of Office UNICEF

Yulia Oleinik

Speaker, Executive Director of the Association of innovative and digital education

Mariya Boguslav

Speaker, Member of the Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of the Czech Republic

Marie Jílková

Speaker, Member of the Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of the Czech Republic

Martina Ochodnická

Speaker, Ambassador, Security and Multilateral Affairs Section MZVČR

Ivana Holoubková

Speaker, Programming Director, TV Nova and Markíza groups

Silvia Majeská

Speaker, zpěvačka, hudebnice, manažerka, promotérka Diva Baara

Bára Vaculíková

Speaker, Member of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

Lucie Potůčková

Moderator of conference day

Barbora Kroužková

Speaker, CEO & Founder of VORNICA

Cristina Muntean

How well do you know yourself? Strengthen your identity and value the person you are!

Marcela Crhonková

Overcoming unconscious biases - How biases limit us from being more successful in business and life

Boryana Manolova

Motherhood & Entrepreneurship: Starting and Growing Your Business While Managing Family Life

Sonia Deasy

Artificial intelligence’s impact on the future of female workforce

Iskra Rizovska

The Art of Speaking Up - If you don’t ask you won’t receive!

Kristin LaRonca Parpel

Life long learning is

Mariya Boguslav

Mastering Influence, Sales, & Negotiation Skills for Professional Growth

Saule Mergenova

Cross cultural communication in a global world

Elisabetta Gregoric

How to set professional and personal goals and build an effective and realistic action plan to achieve them

Anna Cargnello

Let’s change our Perspective: Forging Creativity and Innovation

Edina Seleskovic

Master productivity and achieve your goals

Monika Rizovska Tanevska

Money mindset, equal pay and well-being

Tamara Petrović

Boosting women-led businesses with entrepreneurship and cross-sector collaboration in profit and non-profit sectors

Katarina Ilic

Strategic storytelling in political communication: winning hearts, votes and connecting with communities

Valentina Tomova

Love your f*ckups!

Katalin Ertsey

Speaker, economist and former Czech representative to the World Bank

Jana Matesová

Who am I now, where am I, how can I get to where I want to be?

Nicoleta Munteanu

Promoting Gender Equality and Female Entrepreneurship to Bridge the Wage Gap

Cristina Chiriac

Empowering women to succeed in international development, international affairs and peace building

Yulia Oleinik

Want Career Success and a Life Worth Living? Reverse Engineering for Women in Leadership.

Alena Huberova

Career and life choices - fate or choice?

Daria Maslovskaia

The 7 Stages of Growth Of Wise Women Leaders

Cristina Violeta Muntean