Saule Mergenova

Business Development Director, Matbold

Speed mentoring topic:
Mastering Influence, Sales, & Negotiation Skills for Professional Growth

Friday 12.4.2024

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

Topic:  Mastering Influence, Sales, & Negotiation Skills for Professional Growth

Elevate your career with strategic expertise.
I believe that the level of communication and negotiation skills directly affects our career path, amount of money we make, relationship with friends and family, or even the view from a hotel room 😉 We will work on techniques on negotiating salary, conditions at workspace, sales techniques, closing techniques which can be applied in as business so personal life.

About me

At this moment our studio has been nominated as a Studio of the Year by main international festival in digital and creative scene „awwwards“, preparing for an interview for Harpers magazine as a lifestyle article, launching consulting program for start-ups, launching a start-up where Matbold is main partner, finalised 2 projects for famous australian pop-up artist Bromley&Co. As Matbold’s main partner in Business Development, I am committed to sharing insights to guide and inspire leaders to excel in critical business areas.

What does the word „opportunity“ mean to you?

„opportunity“ to me signifies the potential of turning dreams into reality. It’s about having the freedom to create, innovate, and shape one’s destiny, see potential in challenges, turning obstacles into stepping stones, and embracing „the unexpected“ as a chance to grow and thrive.

What would you like to wish Equal Pay Day for its 15th birthday?

Happy 15th birthday, Equal Pay Day! May this milestone inspire us to amplify our efforts in breaking down barriers, promoting equality, and ensuring that every individual receives fair and equal compensation for their work. Let’s continue to advocate, educate, and empower for a future where gender parity is not just a dream, but a reality.

What opportunity changed your life?

I had many opportunities that turned my life in a totally different direction. One of the most significant is taking a chance to go to USA and build my business which gave me confidence in achieving any goal I set in front of me. I had to deal with things I had no idea about, and it was crucial for my surviving in that moment, same as taking the opportunity to move to Miami after South Carolina, changing from state school to private, moving from Kazakhstan to Prague.

What opportunity did you miss?

I did not take an opportunity to go to college in Los Angeles – at that moment I was not confident enough that I can study and make enough money to pay for school and support the level of lifestyle I desired.