Boryana Manolova

Member of the management board, Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria

Speed mentoring topic:
Overcoming unconscious biases – How biases limit us from being more successful in business and life

Friday 12.4.2024

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

Topic:  Overcoming unconscious biases – How biases limit us from being more successful in business and life

Unconscious bias is part of human nature, it’s something we all have. The good news is that we can do ‎something about it. The downside is that it’s not a one-off, but a sustained effort. The great thing about ‎discovering your biases is that it gives you the power to make conscious decisions that can really affect ‎positive change. That is the reason I chose this topic. ‎
Participants will learn what are biases, how they are formed, why do we have them and how they affect ‎us. We will go through some of the most common biases and discuss strategies to overcome them. We ‎will discuss the harms of micro aggressions and the benefits of micro affirmations and see some examples. ‎Participants will take away strategies ‎to addressing unconscious bias, as well as how to approach ‎important decisions without the influence of bias.

About me

I am a founding member and the first Chairperson (2013-2022) of Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria. I am the CEO of Siemens for Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Ukraine. I am Siemens Diversity Ambassador and lecturer at Bulgaria’s first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Academy.

What does the word „opportunity“ mean to you?

To me, an opportunity is the chance to do something new, to apply my skills in a different context and to contribute to a positive change.

What opportunity changed your life?

An opportunity that changed my trajectory came early in my career from a mentor who saw my potential as a young professional and offered me a job at an international company. Over the course of many years I eventually became CEO of that company, and later I joined Siemens as CEO for Bulgaria.

What would you like to wish Equal Pay Day for its 15th birthday?

While I thank the organizers of Equal Pay Day for their great work and their achievements over the last 15 years, I wish that they do not celebrate 20 years anniversary, because Equal Pay is achieved by then.