Elisabetta Gregoric

President of the Northeast Italian District of the FIDAPA – BPW Italy

Speed mentoring topic:
Cross cultural communication in a global world

Friday 12.4.2024

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

Topic:  Cross cultural communication in a global world

The importance of the cross cultural communication in your job and business, in a global world“. I choose this topic, because of my professional experience and my curriculum studiorum. I have been working in the political and international field for all my life, dealing daily with different cultures (european, african, chinese, for example…). Participants will learn the importance of a cross cultural approach to be effective while dealing with foreigners. We could work on international negotiation, with a focus on the chinese cultural approach.

About me

Current Project Manager of the Trieste Laboratory on Quantitative Sustainability (National Institute of oceanography and applied geophysics – OGS, together with the Trieste International Foundation for freedom and progress of science – FIT). www.ogs.it; www.fondazioneinternazionale.org