Martin J. Siebenhandl

General Manager CZ & SK, the LEGO Group

Thursday 11.4.2024

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

About me

I’m Martin J. Siebenhandl, honored to lead the LEGO® team in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. With a rewarding nine-year journey at the LEGO Group, my experience has taken me through versatile paths across Europe and Asia, shaping me into a leader deeply committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce.

As General Manager, I’m passionate about cultivating an environment that not only accepts but celebrates unique perspectives. Beyond driving growth and innovation in our Prague office, my mission is to enable our diverse teams and individuals to build bridges and connect in a profound and trusted way.

My mission is to reach more children and adults in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and allow them to experience the benefits of LEGO® Play. Beyond that, my aspiration is to foster an inclusive workplace by enabling our diverse workforce to connect in a profound and trusted way.

Lastly let me share with you my favorite quote from the mind of unknown author: „Words are not measured at our mouth, they are measured at the recipient’s ear.

What does the word „opportunity“ mean to you?

Opportunity is the potential to do better tomorrow than today, facilitated by an „ABCD“ mindset: Adaptability – Bias to Action – Collaboration – Diversity