Edina Seleskovic

Director of NGO Radio Kameleon Open Network for Human Rights and Democracy

Speed mentoring topic:
Let’s change our Perspective: Forging Creativity and Innovation

Friday 12.4.2024

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

Topic:  Let’s change our Perspective: Forging Creativity and Innovation

The complexity of our times is demanding new leadership that is capable of navigating through the uncertainty and diversity in order to reach authenticity and shared experience in business and life. Like never before, leaders have been asked to thread the global challenges in a multi-platform capacity with vision and empathy for both universal and personal.

Infinite vicissitudes of our personal and professional lives mean that the solution no longer lays in structured processes. Creativity is today a necessity in expanding our capacities for inspiration, empathy, overcoming fear of the unknown, while taking conceptual risks with a unique vision. Recovering our senses, learning to ‘Hear more, See more, and Feel more’ allows us to overcome crippling mindsets and stereotypes, revealing creative expression that is and clarity of our sensory experience in every aspect of leadership. On this journey we will discover how to strengthen awareness, knowledge, and inspiration, perceiving the world and ourselves through a different perspective, and experiencing beyond the discernible.

About me

Creativity has been my vehicle of storming through the greatest challenges. This time it is keeping me on the positive side of our changing times, staying committed to my vision of the future and how to reach the potential that I know we all hold inside.