Cristina Chiriac

President of CONAF

Speed mentoring topic:
Promoting Gender Equality and Female Entrepreneurship to Bridge the Wage Gap

Friday 12.4.2024

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

Topic:  Promoting Gender Equality and Female Entrepreneurship to Bridge the Wage Gap

I chose this topic because gender equality and female entrepreneurship are pivotal for economic growth and social development. Despite progress, women still face significant barriers in the business world and are often paid less than their male counterparts for similar work. This mentoring session aims to shed light on these issues, inspiring participants to advocate for and implement change.

Participants will learn about the underlying causes of the wage gap and the challenges female entrepreneurs face, drawing from the latest research, successful case studies, and my personal experiences in promoting female entrepreneurship and gender equality. They will be introduced to practical strategies for overcoming these barriers, such as networking techniques, negotiation skills, and ways to create more inclusive work environments.

Together, we will work on identifying participants‘ personal and professional goals, and we’ll devise actionable plans to achieve them. This will include exercises on how to effectively advocate for oneself and others, ways to leverage one’s network for business growth, and strategies for contributing to a more gender-equal society.

Participants will leave the session empowered with the knowledge and tools to make a difference in their workplaces and communities. They will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of gender equality and female entrepreneurship, equipped to contribute to closing the wage gap and fostering a more inclusive economy.

About me

Cristina Chiriac is a prominent figure at both the national and European level for her sustained efforts to promote female entrepreneurship, inclusive education, and gender equality. Her initiatives, which have culminated in national awareness campaigns with a direct impact into legislative initiatives, have earned her the title of VET Ambassador for Romania in the European Skills Week organized by the European Commission and also a board membership of the WEgate – European Gateway for Women’s Entrepreneurship as a representative for the National Confederation for Female Entrepreneurship (CONAF) – the only Romanian organization that is a member of the WEgate Council. She s also a doctor in economics, author, a successful entrepreneur and the founder president of the National Confederation for Entrepreneurship, CONAF