Marcela Crhonkova

Psychologist, ČEPS a.s. 

Speed mentoring topic:
How well do you know yourself? Strengthen your identity and value the person you are!

Friday 12.4.2024

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

Topic:  How well do you know yourself? Strengthen your identity and value the person you are!

Through the years of my practice, I’ve come to recognize a recurring theme among individuals, struggling with feeling misunderstood, disconnected, undervalued, or disrespected not only in professional, but also personal relationships. When I engage my clients in discussions about self-description, their strengths, and weak points, they often find it difficult saying “Someone else should appraise that”, highlighting the tendency to rely on external validation for their own sense of identity and worth.
But herein lies a crucial question: who else should know you better than you?
If we don´t know our needs, our boundaries, how can we expect others to know them and respect them?
In this session, we will discover how our external relationships mirror our internal relationship to ourselves.
In essence, our journey towards healthier relationships begins with a deep dive into self-discovery and self-validation. By embracing our strengths, acknowledging our vulnerabilities, and honoring our own worth, we lay the foundation for more meaningful and respectful interactions with those around us. Professional growth goes hand in hand with personal growth.
Grab the opportunity and join my session, you might be surprised to discover what beautiful qualities lie under the surface unexpressed.

About me

Having studied Psychology and Neuroscience at London University, I expand and build on my expertise about how our thoughts shape our emotions and decisions which directly impacts the quality of our life. Throughout the years of practice, I empower people on their journey to self-discovery and self-love. Currently working as a psychologist at ČEPS a.s. I take great pride in supporting the company’s efforts to confront prevailing biases, foster awareness, and inspire individual growth, especially as a woman in a largely masculine field.
I am a passionate explorer of the world, loving adventure, and embracing the eclecticism of different cultures and ways of life.

What does the word „opportunity“ mean to you?

I believe every morning is a new opportunity to live the life we love! I see opportunities everywhere just waiting to be picked up. The importance, in my opinion, is to know, what we want, and choose the right ones, without getting overwhelmed and confused on our path.

What opportunity changed your life?

Studying psychology was definitely one of the major opportunities that opened the door to understanding myself and fine-tuning my purpose in life. Moreover, the enriching opportunities to travel and live in some of the most diverse parts of the world profoundly shaped my personal growth and gratitude for being me.

What would you like to wish Equal Pay Day for its 15th birthday?

To be well known amongst a wide variety of audience, to spread awareness, motivate and empower in a joyous, relatable way. And have fun with it!