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Don´t forget your personal brand and energy!

The event aims at gaining information on new trends in women’s entrepreneurship, equal opportunities, the mentoring and the international dimension of equal pay within the program of the 13th Equal Pay Day 2022 conference. The event allows to invite to the conference 14 speakers from the partner countries Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Hungary, Northern Macedonia, Poland, Serbia and Slovakia. So two speakers from each country.

Let us introduce first two ladies from Nothern Macedonia.

Olga Rajchikj

Co-founder & business development of GREEN IT & Rudnici Banjani AD Skopje

Mentoring topic:  Manage your energy, not your time

Work smarter and feel you had a productive day! Great topic of the woman, who has just finished her startup, will enter new markets with her products, is a speaker on several events and she also prepairs a podcast!

And her plans in 2022? She plans of being inspired and inspire people around her.

So come and join her mentoring!

Monika Rizovska

Country Ambassador, Women in Tech Macedonia

Mentoring topic:  Leverage your personal brand

Women in Tech country ambassador with a proven track record in the IT Industry. She will speak about personal branding, because it is an important part of every person willing to grow. Are you interested in IT technologies? Join her mentoring and discuss the topic.

Equal Pay Day conference going international!

We gain the opportunity to exchange experiences and best practices in the field of our activities to support women and extend our popular method of personal development – speed mentoring to these countries (part of the project is training and practical training).

An integral part of the event is the presentation of “role models” not only during the conference, but also as part of the campaign for it. The aim is to strengthen women’s entrepreneurial and managerial skills, their empowerment and redue economic dependence. The gathering will thus enrich the female participants through the impact of educational and mentoring activities with leading women empowerment organizations from CEI regions.