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Empowering Equality: Navigating Money Mindsets, Entrepreneurship and Productivity

In today’s dynamic environment of gender equality and women’s empowerment, the relationship between financial literacy, entrepreneurship and productivity is crucial to making meaningful changes. Cultivating a positive financial mindset at the core not only strengthens individuals’ ability to promote equal pay, but also contributes to overall well-being. By challenging limiting beliefs and promoting prosperity, individuals can lead business negotiations, demand fair pay, and lay the foundation for a secure financial future. 

Entrepreneurship becomes a key pathway for women to lead businesses that not only prosper financially but also contribute to social progress. Collaboration across the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors strengthens impact, fosters innovation and creates opportunities for sustainable growth, enabling women-led businesses to use resources efficiently and promote inclusive economic development. 

Mastering productivity is equally important to turn aspirations into tangible achievements. Through effective time management, goal setting and prioritization, individuals can maximize their potential and confidently navigate complex areas of business and advocacy, unlocking their full potential and making meaningful contributions to their personal and professional spheres. 

As we embark on this transformative journey towards equality, success and fulfillment, let us recognize the interconnected nature of money mindset, business and productivity and harness their collective power to shape a more just and powerful future.

Meet our CEI mentors focusing on this topic!

Tamara Petrovic
President of the Association Best-seller

There seems to be a lot of fundamental change at the individual and societal level, and it is as if the structure of human connections affecting the ways in which we think, feel and act is changing. As a project manager and personal and professional development consultant – my job is to sense this and to convey subtle messages to others through my projects and activities. Therefore, personal development and well-being will be central to my mentoring at Equal Pay Day 2024. 

Her mentoring topic:
Money mindset, equal pay and well-being.

Monika Rizovska 
Global Community Director of Women in Tech

Monika is a president of Women in tech with a proven track record in the IT Industry and together with company Ways2Help where she is a Co-founder they organize a hackathon for good. Monika promotes using technology for humanity to recreate and digitalize the donating experience.

Her mentoring topic:
Master productivity and achieve your goals.

Katarina Ilic 
CEO of Lagerta

Katarina is increasingly energized by the people she meets on her travels in Europe and the new challenges that appear every year. She believes that tough times create champions and wants to continue working towards creating sustainable groups of inspiring men and women who are independent, skilled and resilient to external adversity.

Her mentoring topic:
Boosting women-led businesses with entrepreneurship and cross-sector collaboration in profit and non-profit sectors.

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