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Men on board: Equal opportunities as a common goal

Equal pay for men and women is not just a question of fairness, but is becoming a fundamental issue for the whole society. The ‘Men On Board’ initiative, launched at the Equal Pay Day conference, reveals a new dimension in the equal opportunities debate – the importance of greater male involvement in the conversation.

Men in the audience are active participants who not only bring their voices to the table, but also invite others to openly discuss topics such as diversity and innovation, economic impact, social responsibility and ESG that are important to the future of the workplace and society as a whole.

Diversity in the workplace is not just about fairness; it is a fundamental building block for innovation and creativity. Diverse teams are often a source of new ideas and perspectives that can lead to better results and innovation. Studies show that companies with greater diversity often achieve better financial results.

I believe that promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace is not only a moral imperative, but also a business advantage,” stresses Frederic Guichard, Regional SVP and General Manager Central & Eastern Europe at Danone.

Involving women in decision-making positions can lead to greater efficiency and productivity.  “We need more women in leadership positions in our teams, not only in companies but also in Czech politics. At the moment, only 13% of women are women. And that’s not enough.Emmanuel Chilaud, Senior Director, Manufacturing Biscuits CZ at Mondelēz International, comments on the fact that we are still not able to use the full potential of women in the Czech Republic.

Equal opportunities are a key part of corporate social responsibility. Companies that apply the principles of equal opportunities are often perceived as more ethical and gain a better reputation in the eyes of consumers, investors and employees.

The role of men in equal opportunities

Men, who hold the majority of decision-making positions in companies, play a key role in change. Their active involvement in fair pay discussions and initiatives can accelerate the process of change. Prominent male leaders such as Frederic Guichard of Danone and Emmanuel Chilaud of Mondelēz International have already taken up the challenge and are promoting diversity and equal opportunities in their organisations.

Men can be powerful allies on the road to fair pay. Their support and participation in the discussions taking place on Equal Pay Day are essential to achieving a supportive work environment for all.
Our organization’s “Men on board” initiative is not just about equal opportunity, but about building a stronger, more innovative and sustainable society. It’s time for men and women to work together to create an environment where everyone can reach their full potential. This is our shared goal, to which Equal Pay Day and the Men on board initiative are making a significant contribution.