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EVENTEE – Your right hand for the conference

Do you want to always have the necessary information at hand on Equal Pay Day? Find out in a few clicks where and when an interesting program, that you don’t want to miss, starts? The Eventee app is the only solution.
The times demand digitization and we keep up with it. At the 15th Equal Pay Day, thanks to the app, you will get access to all important information and a lot of benefits to communicate directly on your mobile phone.


  1. Fill in your profile, show who you are, and find people who can help you progress.
  2. Build your program.
  3. Register with the mentors – secure your seat at up to five mentoring tables.
  4. Book a place in the program of other zones.
  5. Ask speakers/mentors and give them feedback.
  6.  Schedule networking meetings as part of the conference.

You can use the Eventee app for many purposes at the conference. Start by filling in your profile. This will show who you are and you will find people who can help you move forward in your career or project. You can then create your own program of lectures and activities. The app then simply shows you where and when you should be so you don’t miss anything.

The app is also the only way to register with the mentors this year and secure your spot. To ensure the maximum quality of mentoring for you, the number of seats at one table is limited, so sign up as soon as possible. If you want to relax and gain new energy, you can book a place in the program of other zones, such as the Wellbeing zone of the Lavender Valley or the Coaching zone.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and give feedback to the speakers or mentors. The app allows you to easily and quickly communicate with those who interest you.

And finally, if you want to expand your network of contacts, you can schedule networking sessions right within the conference. Just select the people you want to talk to and the app will help you find a suitable time and place to meet.

📨 You will receive an invitation to sign up for Equal Pay Day at Eventee after purchasing a ticket on March 6, when registration for the mentoring tables starts, but you can download the app today.

💡 To make using the app as easy as possible, we have created a series of short video tutorials that will guide you through each step from installation and creating a profile to building the program. These tutorials are filmed in Czech but you can turn the English subtitles on YouTube by clicking on the Subtitles icon and choosing English by clicking on the Setting icon.

❗ For the Equal Pay Day app to work properly, you need to register with the same email you entered when you purchased your tickets.