Every day from Saturday to Saturday in the week from 7th – 14th November, we connected virtual rooms. 

How did you enjoy it?

Two days the Main Program with English speaking guests, every day minimum of one English speaking mentor. Now, more than ever, we need to talk out, share and help each other. We will try to find new ways how to use the current situation and create new approaches to work, or to manage own business and how to integrate these new approaches into personal life as we imagined… #CountONus

How it will go?

12:45 – 13:00h  Time to connect, virtual networking, say hello to friends, live chat
13:00 – 14:00h  Main Topic in English 8th Nov by Edina Seleskovic & 13th Nov by Dinah Richter Spritzer & guests
14:00 – 14:15h   Coffee break + division into mentoring rooms
14:15 – 15:15h    Online Mentoring with chosen mentor
15:15 – 15:30h   Evaluation, positive vibes, live chat and invitation for tomorrow

Tickets on sale
8 days for your personal growth, 10 hours for personal development
one week share on-line experiences

Two days with English speaking guests:


08th November  join the
BOLD injection of positivity by Edina Seleskovic from 1-2PM

“We really need it. I found a way to look at this crisis as an opportunity to grow, not just my practice, but my personal life as well. After all, most quantum leaps happen out of the crisis and almost never out of comfort. This crisis is simply demanding creativity and innovation in every aspect of our lives, and that is exciting.” 

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13th November  from 1-2PM, join the discussion by Dinah Richter Spritzer

and her guests Ivana Šedivá and Andrea Ferancová Bartoňová.

What’s holding you back? Barriers to entrepreneurial success, real and imagined.

“I understand that many successful women in the region feel focusing on macro issues, i.e. what the government and society should do, is too much about anger, and not enough about success. Instead, many female leading entrepreneurs say women in the region need to look at their own personal, internal obstacles and make changes.” 

Meet our guests in Zoom room from 1 – 2PM on the 8th and 13th November and chat live.

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How will the Mentoring sessions go?

As you are used to, but virtually.
Please register your seat for some days, or every day, as you wish.
We will work on Zoom. Join your session at 2PM. We start at 2:15PM. 

Mentor will guide you through her topic for 1 hour (14:15 – 15:15hrs).
Mentoring is interactive, switch on the camera and don´t forget to wear RED 😉

Mentors 2020


Never forget - people work for people

Ewa Pachocka

Mental fitness for a sustainable performance and results

Loredana Popasav

Leadership through Fairness and Happiness

Monika Hilm

How to use a crisis as impulse for a change and focus on new goals

Nicole Erdmann

Share your responsibilities!

Katalin Ertsey

Giving Feedback: How do we communicate criticism and take criticism at work without losing our minds!

Dinah Richter Spritzer

Personal Branding: Your Ultimate Empowerment Tool

Cristina Muntean

Metamorphoses of Self

Edina Seleskovic

Do you want to experience something that will charge you for the next year?
Do you want to meet interesting women from companies that are dedicated to personal development?

Do you need new energy for yourself or your business?
A new partner?
Are you standing at a crossroad?
Get advice

YOU WILL MEET PERSONALITIES, that you will not meet elsewhere
YOU WILL BE CHARGED WITH THE ENERGY, that could move mountains
You will discuss CURRENT TOPICS for personal development

You get NEW professional and personal CONTACTS
You will be charged with inspiration and DETERMINATION into new days
You will enjoy SAFE sharing space

Your Marathon ticket
900 CZK
BPWCR MEMBERS will run with us for free

Q/A  Questions and answers

Will I be able to join at any time?
Yes. You just need to register in advance with selected mentors or individual webinars.

How much does the ticket cost?
900,-Kč and you can buy it here.

I have a ticket and I want to register.
You will be able to register to the mentors from 15th of October.

What are the benefits of online meetings for me?
You can connect from anywhere in a secure environment.
Interaction will be provided in each mentoring room, where a maximum of 15 participants can be present. This will provide enough space to work on the current topic.

How many mentorings can I join?
With a valid ticket, you will be able to watch up to 8 webinars (from Saturday to Saturday) + complete 8 mentoring in Czech or English. However, it is necessary to register for them in advance.