Loredana Popasav

Transformative Coach The Simplified Mind

Sunday  08.11.2020  14:15-15:15
Wednesday  11.11.2020  14:15-15:15
Friday  13.11.2020  14:15-15:15

I am Loredana, I come from the beautiful and magical Transylvania and for the last 8 years I have been lucky to call Prague my home. My work and passion is mental health and sustainable living. Within my practice, The Simplified Mind, my role is as Transformative coach, working with individuals and organizations and bringing change and transformation in their development and growth. Alongside The Human Potential Academy, an NGO that I have co-created, we promote and bring awareness about mental health in Central and Easter European countries. Through the movement Sustainable Transylvania, I support and activate in reforestation and clean energy resources.

„You are as good as anybody else. You have the ability to learn and the free will to act.“

Téma: Mental fitness for a sustainable performance and results

People recognize the benefits of physical fitness for their health, strength and wellbeing. However, very few people recognize the importance of mental fitness for their overall wellbeing, a quality of life, relationships, performance and results. The workshop will look at how our level of mental fitness is the foundation for every aspect of our lives and performance levels. Together we will explore how to increase our mental fitness and what are the benefits of it.