Dinah Richter Spritzer

Founder & CEO Media Confident

Friday  13.11.2020  14:15-15:15
Saturday  14.11.2020  14:15-15:15

Dinah will also lead the main topic
on Friday  13.11.2020  13:00-14:00 

Reputation, what does that mean? It used to mean quality, stability and profit. Today it also means a company or organization is devoted to the greater good. I work on all things related to an organization’s reputation, from media training and communication to promoting inclusion and preventing sexism, ageism and harassment. I also help companies communicate clearly in English through effective writing and editing. As a former journalist for the New York Times and USAToday, I connect people to an international readership with their stories. I help clients achieve their communication potential through authenticity, storytelling and understanding their audience. Recently I spoke about the need for firms to have sexual harassment training at DisruptHR. I am also an intercultural communications mentor for startups at WeWork Labs and Nation1.

„You can’t get what you don’t ask for. You can’t ask for what you want if you aren’t honest with yourself.“

Téma: Giving Feedback: How do we communicate criticism and take criticism at work without losing our minds!

I believe we grow most through our failures. But oh does it hurt when someone points out that we can do better! And are we able to really change from what we hear, or do we just cut down the critic? How hard is it for us to provide feedback that really helps people grow? Do we believe that we can evolve and that others can? Or do we think people are set, good and bad at certain things, and that it can’t change? We will discuss our best and worst feedback experiences and how to grow from them and help others grow. All good entrepreneurs need to know how to motivate others, and to keep motivated when we feel down. How can criticism be a part of that process?