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Beautiful connection happening on EPD

By 14. 3. 2021 No Comments

“When Women get connected, they can do incredible things!” Ms Dinah Spritzer and Lenka Simerská, both Equal Pay Day mentors, got connected and here is the result. Interview on

Why are men in the Czech Republic paid 20 percent more than women in terms of gross hourly earnings? 

Before I answer, you should know that the numbers just changed. We had the third highest gender pay gap  in the E.U., but now we’re fifth. But nothing really changed in terms of the bigger problem. The government raised the level of pay for teachers, for social workers and for health care workers to keep up with the private sector. These professions are mostly occupied by women. So this raised women’s pay in general.

So this isn’t indicative of a change in the society or a change in how private companies are behaving?

Exactly. The Czech gender pay gap still has the same dynamic. Parents still make the same economic decisions in terms of who stays home, who takes care of the children, whose career and ambitions must be sacrificed.”