Lenka Nováková

SMC Lead, Microsoft

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From the 1st of July, 2020, she became the new director for small, medium and corporate companies. In her role, she is responsible for the digital transformation of corporate customers and development of business channels for small and medium-sized enterprises.

She came to Microsoft from Adastra, where she led the Internet of Things (IoT) division and was responsible for implementing the IoT scenarios for clients in the banking, insurance, telecommunications and retail segments.  Prior to Adastra, she worked for the G4S Cash Solutions a G4S Secure Solutions for eight years, where she held various management positions. She was also the Chairwoman of the Board of G4S Secure Solutions and the Executive of G4S Services.

Lenka Nováková graduated from the University of Economics in Prague and after graduating she spent two years at the University of Northern Virginia, where she obtained an MBA in financial management. After returning to the Czech Republic, she continued her postgraduate studies at the University of Economics. She enjoys spending her free time on the golf course, in the gym or on the ways to the airport, from where she flies to explore new countries. She also enjoys reading foreign literature and developing her knowledge and skills.

What do you do when you can’t do something, as you imagined?

I go jogging or doing some other sport to clear my head.

What do you think would help to make women’s VOICE be more heard?

Greater representation of women in leadership positions, their greater visibility on the market.

Sources of inspiration:

Listen to podcasts, be able to relax – to turn off the thoughts, listen and perceive the surroundings.