Let’s change our Perspective: Forging Creativity and Innovation

Edina Seleskovic

Take the big role dear friend - you are ready for it!!!

Ewa Pachocka

How to navigate our career

Michaela Prajerová

Make sure you follow your dreams, not your fears

Sophie Gaspard

Speaker, Founder and Director of Radio Kameleon

Zlatko Berbić

Leverage your personal brand

Monika Rizovska

Inclusive leadership

Anu Viks

How to reinvent yourself at any age

Katalin Ertsey

Big changes - how to deal with it?

Karolina Pisz

Leave the business comfort zone in the fifties

Valentina Mladenović

Preparing for change? Build your courage muscles!

Alena Huberova

Manage your energy, not your time

Olga Rajchikj

Never too old, never too late to start from the scratch once again

Jana Hudecova Zabunov

Let's Change our Perspective: Forging Creativity and Innovation

Edina Seleskovic

Be afraid... and do it!

Magdalena Kurowska

Executive career, business angel investment, early stage investment

Eszter Szabó

Aim high and make it happen.

Tsvetelina Nikolova

Self confidence, creative work life balance

Viktoria Horvath

My secrets to success in business and life

Evgenia Pekaj

Personal Branding: Your Safety Cussion in Times of Crisis

Cristina Violeta Muntean