Introduce yourself in 5 sentences

I feel like a citizen of the world.

I love working with different people and cultures.

I truly believe that creating the best conditions for people to do their their job is very beneficial for everybody.

Increasing happiness for people both workers and customers is a joyful job. It gives a good purpose on why you are doing what you do every day.

Mounia El Hilali Acherkouk Yakhlef


„Find hapiness in everything you do.“

⊕ Friday 29.3.2019

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The main 2019 topic is Corporate Identity. What is your view on this topic?

I believe in People and I believe in Human rights have to be respected. In Ikea we strongly encourage diversity and inclusion among different category: gender, equal pay…

What do you expect to gain from this conference?

Sharing experiences, sharing good exemples and networking to empower this important topic in society and business.

What idea would you like to pass on to conference guests and why?

We as leaders have the privilege to take decisions every day and we also have the responsibility to secure that Fairness is highly consider in the way we treat people.