Cristina Muntean

Founder and Managing Partner in Media Education CEE

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Speed mentoring TOPIC

Your Emotions: A Gift to the World and to Your Career

We often tend to look at emotions as to an unwelcome host. At best we see them as an annoyance that takes us by surprise. At worse we perceive emotions as a burden and an obstacle in being better leaders, partners, mothers, friends and human beings.
But what if we looked at emotions differently? What if this deep evolutionary mechanism of navigating the world has news for us that we refuse to accept? What if our emotions were a hidden gift for our children, partners and colleagues at work? What if it is our emotions and their conscious management that could stand at the core of transforming our relationships, companies and societies?

The time has come to stop switching off the control light that’s been blinking and crying for our attention for too long. The time has come to trust ourselves fully and to learn how to recognize our emotions, name them, work with them and put them to the service of our lives, families, companies and our environment.
This mentoring session will give the participants a better understanding of the basics of emotional intelligence: how our emotions work, what we can do to handle them better and how we can use emotions to build better relations, companies and societies. We will discuss the role of fear, anger and grief, but also of entusiasm, joy and curiosity at work. We will touch on how emotions impact us during change, how emotions can be power our personal brands, and how our feminine experience of emotions can be a source of information and growth for our male colleagues.
At the end the participants should leave with information on emotions management, but also with concrete advice on how to recognize and handle their emotions better regardless of the challenge ahead.

What kind of good advise would you like to share?

We, women, are trapped between the habits we developed along our existence for the last millenia in strongly paternalistic systems, and the demands of today’s world, which are numerous and diverse. That’s why we need to find together a new paradigm for womanhood in the conditions of the 21st century. Each of us has a gift for today’s world and each of us can contribute to changing the paradigm. For that we need self-awareness, courage and mutual support. But we can do it and we will do it – this is something I am deeply convinced of.

Wish the best for 10th anniversary:

To gather even more outstanding women who know that they are outstanding and don’t hesitate to share their inner light with the world. We never lose by sharing our light, by the contrary. Equal Pay Day has been a lighthouse for the last 10 years for women in the Czech Republic. This year I hope it attracts even more of „the right boats“ who are striving to become themselves lighthouses and powerhorses of a positive change in their worlds.

About me

There are three things that drive me in business and in life: how to bring the truth back to the core of communications, personal and corporate alike; how women can learn to trust their gifts and their voice in order to contribute fully to the systemic change that is taking place in our world; and how to transform our unconscious biases into engines for humanity, innovation, peace and mutual understanding. I put my work as a people developer – advisor, trainer, mentor and coach – to the service of these three causes. I am also privileged to work with truly outstanding people – business leaders who understand change and are not afraid to do the right things for their companies, societies, teams and families. That’s why I like to believe that my work is simple: I hold the mirror and I hold people’s back when taking the next step. Last year I launched my first book – You, the Brand. Personal Branding for Career Growth, which was published in Czech and received lovely reviews. That’s why I guess personal branding, emotional intelligence and systemic transformation in organisations will remain the core topics of my attention this year.