Lucie Urválková

CFO of UNIQA insurance company

As CFO of UNIQA insurance companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Lucie manages about 150 people and controls more than 20 billion CZK. It is a clear sign that she is not afraid of responsibility.
Lucie is ambitious. She achieved success thanks to her persistence and sense of purpose and focus. She is used to working in a males‘ management world. Therefore, she knows how important it is for women to support each other. She wants them to increase their number as much as possible in the Czech top management. Thus she sets an example to follow and devotes her time to supporting junior colleagues.

„We, girls, must help each other.“

In recent years, she has been repeatedly ranked among the TOP women of the Czech business and also ranked among the 100 most influential women of the Czech Republic according to the Forbes monthly.

Lucie lives a rich personal and family life. As her six-year-old son started his first grade, she and her partner spend most of their free time together. Meanwhile, she would like to improve in areas that have nothing to do with numbers and finance, e.g. in creative writing.