Katarina Ilic

CEO of Lagerta

Speed mentoring topic:
Profit & non-profit: Utilizing entrepreneurial skills and cross-sectoral cooperation for the benefit of businesses run by women

Saturday 1.4.2023

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

Mentoring Day
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Topic:  Profit & non-profit: Utilizing entrepreneurial skills and cross-sectoral cooperation for the benefit of businesses run by women

Female entrepreneurs (or businesswomen) require a diverse set of skills to succeed, and the specific skills required may depend on the industry, location, and type of business they are operating. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question as every entrepreneur, regardless of gender, requires a unique set of skills to succeed. However, there are three skills I would point that may be particularly helpful for women in entrepreneurship:

1. Leadership: Strong leadership skills are necessary for entrepreneurs to build and manage a successful business. Female entrepreneurs who can effectively lead their teams can create a positive company culture and drive growth.

2. Financial Management: Understanding financial management is critical for any entrepreneur, and this skill is particularly important for women who may face additional hurdles in accessing capital and funding.

3. Resilience: Entrepreneurship can be a challenging journey, and resilience is a critical skill for anyone looking to succeed in this space. Female entrepreneurs, in particular, may face unique challenges and obstacles, and resilience can help them stay focused and persistent despite setbacks. We will dive into these three and explore many more, to come up with a sensible list of most important skills for women in business today.

About me

I’m getting more and more energized by the people I meet travelling around Europe and by the new challenges arising each year, as I believe that tough times create champions. I wish to continue working on creating sustainable structures of inspirational men and women, that are independent, skilled and resilient to unfavorable outer influences.

What do YOU DO to be SEEN & HEARD?

I do networking in and outside of the projects I implement with my team and through the activities we either organize or partake in. I tend to keep every contact and relationship nurtured. I tend SEE other people so that they can SEE me.

What kind of CHANGE you would like to SEE & MAKE?

I want to contribute to the systems that motivate men and especially women to work constantly to the best of their capacities on the development of their skills and competences and to improve their knowledge. But I want to see more women recognizing their power and using it to change societies and businesses.

What kind of CHALLENGES are the most imporant in 2023?

I believe that it will be absolutely necessary but challenging to establish healthy economy, based on circularity. The concept of circular economy to be implemented at all levels, to improve equality and promote taking care of the environment.

What are the topics that are not publicly spoken, but it definitely should be?

One of the important topics that I would love to see more discussed publicly is unpaid labor done by women in households. Women are burdened by both professional tasks and household „obligations“. I think that public debate would stir the narrative a bit, and than we would see how the division of roles and responsibilities would be done.

What would your younger YOU should know?

Patience is key. This is something I would love to have had developed from the early age. However, it can be developed and maintained, as it is the key to the long-lasting success.