Introduce yourself in 5 sentences

I have worked in the gas industry for more than 18 years and for over 10 years, I have been in charge of a technical division as one of the few women in the company’s management. I graduated from the Czech Technical University, the Faculty of Civil Engineering, and have been in construction ever since. However, today my specialization is not buildings, but underground utilities. In addition to my career, I also raised my two sons, who are adults now. So I know how difficult it is to combine the roles of being a manager and a mother.

Dagmar Ledererová

Director of investments GridServices s.r.o. – member of innogy group 

„Never stop trying to reach your goals, even if the path to success is unclear.“

⊕ Friday 29.3.2019

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The main 2019 topic is Corporate Identity. What is your view on this topic?

Nearly every person at a productive age spends at least one-third of his or her time sleeping and another third at work. This means that he or she is significantly influenced by the corporate culture of the employer they work for. The culture shapes their opinions, behavior, values and attitudes and they transfer them to their private lives. Therefore, I believe that corporate culture is important and I think that through it, we can change and shift society’s opinions.

What idea would you like to pass on to conference guests and why?

If women want to manage purely technical processes in companies, they do not have to become men. Through their behavior and by setting examples, they can change the opinions, standards and values in the company. This means that they influence the corporate culture and also the position of other women in the company.

What do you expect to gain from this conference?

Interesting experience and the opinions of other people that inspire me.