Brian Ayling

General Manager, Mars Multisales Central Europe

Brian Ayling is an experienced leader, with a passion for realizing employee potential. Born and educated in Zimbabwe before completing his university studies in South Africa, Brian has worked in many different countries and cultures across Africa, United Kingdom, Middle East and Central Europe giving him a broad perspective on how people can succeed in different environments.

Brian’s current role is General Manager of Mars Inc Central Europe, leading over 500 associates (as Mars calls their employees) He is a passionate supporter of inclusion and diversity, evidenced by his current leadership team of 10 directors, 7 of which are women.

„Being brave and curious enough to step out of your comfort zone“

At the conference, you will learn from Brian what Mars Inc are doing globally in support of their sustainability goals and how this family business sees the future for our planet and the role women can continue to play in shaping the future. Brian will share his experiences on how women can achieve great career success even in regions such as Middle East and Africa, where historically external environment factors have not always been in their favor. He will provide insights on how to ensure you choose the right organization that without compromise allows for both a great career and personal life. Finally, he will share examples of great women leaders he has worked with who have inspired other women and men to achieve their career aspirations and who have supported him to have a successful international career to date.