Alena Huberová

Speaker, Trainer and Founder of SHELeads – leadership program for female executives

Friday 26.3.2021
Monday 29.3.2021

I am crazy about work and life. I like to experiment and try everything on my own, which sometimes gets me into trouble. After many years in corporations, and then in my own business, crazy mistakes and personal crises, now I can finally say that I am finding myself and my purpose. I dare to say that the SHELeads Program I developed back in 2018 is proof of that. Working with women who are looking for a way to discover not only their unique leadership styles, but also a path to themselves, is immensely gratifying to me.

Topic:  How to find your leadership mojo

Already found it? Congratulations! You are probably truly awesome and inspiring, with a team that works like a well-oiled machine. People look up to you, they trust you and respect you. If that’s the case, frankly, there is nothing much that you’ll take away from my workshop. However, if you are still „on your way“, or perhaps even wondering how and where to start in pursuit of your leadership mojo, then this workshop is just for you.

So, here’s the problem.

I have observed that in order to develop their leadership style, many female executives focus on building skills. They want skills because skills make a great leader. They see leadership as something they can practice and build OUTSIDE of themselves.
Others believe there is a model of leadership to follow: a leader has to have a specific skill set, qualities and behaviours, and unless they follow that model, they won’t succeed.
I believe this way of thinking is flawed. Leadership is NOT just a skill; it is a way of being. Even if you have all the skills in the world, you won’t be or feel like a leader. Until you embody leadership from INSIDE OUT, skills will never be enough, and you will constantly struggle.

Want to know more? Fabulous. Come and join us!

In this interactive workshop, we will discuss different ways to tap into your „inner leader „, and the potential pitfalls on your road to success. And then, I will share with you my holistic approach to leadership. You will get a lot of food for thought, but most importantly, a few actionable tips for your journey to finding your leadership mojo and becoming even more awesome and inspiring!

I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Main thought for mentees:

Do you want to be a wonderful manager, who has the trust and respect of the ones around her? Great, go for it, build up your knowledge, skills, and expertise, but above all, build up yourself. To lead others, you have to learn to lead yourself first. That’s where it all begins.

What triggered me the most last year?:

I love the fact that even in lockdown I can feel satisfied, work and create, as well as maintain nice relationships with people who matter to me. Watching the steps that my clients take that often lead to major changes in their lives, that is wonderful.

My sources of inspiration:

Apart from my work and family, I have to say traveling the world, trying new things, and looking for new experiences and perspectives. And! Paying attention to those who really annoy me because sometimes they become my biggest teachers.

Which woman i would like to meet:

I am completely inspired by women who have found their personal happiness, are doing something in which they find their mission, and at the same time have a positive impact on the lives of others. There is no need to look up to only women who have become well-known for their accomplishments or who are the heads of organizations or states. There are a lot of women around us who are truly inspirational, heroines in their own way.

What would help to make women’s VOICE in society to be moreheard?

We need to help women strengthen their self-worth and confidence and encourage their growth in the organisations. We also need women to be more supportive of each other in business. Last but not least, in the same way we want to be understood and respected by men, we ourselves must be understanding and respectful towards men. Sometimes it feels like a war between genders and that is sad. It will only alienate us further.

What I would like to read about myself:

Maybe a statement from a client “Thank you to my wonderful, crazy mentor Alena, who greatly contributed to the fact that I am here today. She believed in me, she saw my potential, even before I saw it myself. I finally realised that it’s OK to be me, despite my flaws and imperfections. That it’s OK that some people will not like me, no matter how hard I try. That’s when the weight came off my shoulders and I found the strength to follow my own path. I don’t know who I will be next year, but today it feels really good to be me, and that’s a good feeling to have…“