Ekaterine Maisuradze

CEO of the International Relations Centre (IRC)
President of BPW Georgia, Georgia and Asia-Africa chamber of commerce


I’m Ekaterine Maisuradze, a CEO of the International Relations Centre (IRC), which incorporates different fields, including Inbound, Outbound, Medical and Educational Tourism. We have been successfully operating in Georgia for more than 13 years already and have gained some valuable experience. Another nonprofit organization is the Georgia and Asia-Africa Chamber of Commerce (GAACC), which develops Economic, Cultural and Social Relations between Georgia and Asia-Africa and supports business relations of commercial and non-commercial organizations among the different countries. Also, I am president of Business and Professional women in Georgia. Our company is still expanding into other directions and currently we have several ongoing projects as well.

What would help to make women’s VOICE in society to be moreheard?

Let me briefly introduce myself and my long way in business, which can be described in three words: Inspiration, Motivation and lastly, Aspiration.

I’m from Georgia, a small country with various possibilities, which always played a crucial role in the Silk Road. I’m a Doctor by profession, but I’m in a private business for more than 14 years. I visited more than 25 countries; I met so many influential and successful people. When I talked with them, nobody knew where Georgia was, which disappointed me. I clearly remember, when I arrived in India in 2006, discovered, that they couldn’t find Georgia on a world map. But it became an Inspiration for me and I started promoting my beautiful country around the world.

Later, in 2013, I decided to establish a Holding Company, International Relations Centre (IRC), which incorporates two organizations: Georgia and Asia-Africa Chamber of Commerce (GAACC) – an ideal platform for Georgian as well as foreign businesses. The Second one is Union of Business Ladies (UBL), that helps women to reinforce their roles in business. I’m always happy when I see successful and active women. This gives me a great Motivation. Last year, Forbes Georgia featured me on its cover with the following words: A Woman Connecting Continents. I definitely take pride in this title, but it’s also huge responsibility for me. These words manifest my main Aspiration – to be heard internationally while connecting people from around the globe, assisting them in finding their positions and recognizing their true possibilities. So, now you know the story of my Inspiration, Motivation and Aspiration.