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Equal Pay Day conference going international: the two essential Italian contributions provided by Elisabetta Gregoric and Anna Cargnello

Starting in 2010, the Equal Pay Day (EPD) conference has become a fundamental occasion for multiple inspiring personalities to join in a female multicultural and unique meeting point. In particular, 2022 signed a mark on EPD’s timeline as the starting point of multiple successful cross-cultural partnerships with inspiring women coming from all over the world who enriched the conference even more thanks to their valuable contributions. 

This year, the conference’s motto is to be seen and heard – regardless of the professional sector one’s involved in. And both Elisabetta Gregoric and Anna Cargnello are going to provide their perspectives on how to do it best. 

Elisabetta Gregoric demonstrates this is possible in multiple sectors, even in those with a male predominance. Her incredible experience ranges from the military sector to the political one, working both on a national level, within her local community and the Italian government, and in the international field, for instance as a correspondent of the Council of Europe. She currently also works as a Project Manager for the Trieste Laboratory on Quantitative Sustainability at the National Institute for Oceanography and Applied Geophysics together with the Trieste International Foundation for freedom and progress of science, being meanwhile the President of the Tergeste Venezia Giulia Club FIDAPA BPW – Italy. 

Throughout her remarkable career, she had the chance to be in contact with multiple cultures and opinions. Therefore, in her mentoring session, she will address the importance of cross-cultural communication in today’s global world in order to develop an efficient dialogue with foreigners, especially focusing on international negotiation skills.  

Through her career experience as a consultant, Anna Cargnello will also bring a fundamental contribution to this year’s conference by providing her perspective on how to be seen and heard. She has indeed worked in multiple fields, such as those concerning educational and cultural projects, marketing activities and professional training. Cargnello is also the President and founding partner of the cultural association DeutschZentrum Triest.

Currently, she is involved in counseling and training as a freelance business coach, while being a partner of the Trieste section of BPW Italy. Thanks to her outstanding experience, during her mentoring session her contribution will help the participants to set professional and personal goals through the construction of an effective plan, taking into consideration the relevance of time managing, team development, and communication.  

Both these inspiring Italian mentors are joining the 2023 Equal Pay Day conference which is going international cooperating with 8 European countries and hosting about 16 international female speakers. Gregoric and Cargnello will contribute with insights about communication strategies, teamwork, planning and goal-setting, providing relevant advice and inspirations to their audience. 

You have a chance to come and meet them and other more than 40 English-speaking mentors and inspiring personalities. This year’s conference runs from March 31st till April 2nd it is open to everybody.  Buy your tickets here: https://www.equalpayday.cz/en/tickets. We very much look forward to meeting you!

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