Mounia El Hilali Acherkouk Yakhlef


Nicole Erdmann

Don’t wait to be asked take the lead!

Sophie Gaspard

Make sure you follow your dreams, not your fears

Antonia Burrell

Antonia Burrell

Speaker, Owner of Antonia Burrell Holistic Skincare

Christina Sharkey

Speaker, Commercial Counselor U.S. Embassy Prague

Erik W. Black

Speaker, Cultural Attache U.S. Embassy Prague

Flavia Gomes Aragao

Speaker, Global International Supply Chain Head at AB InBev

Véronique Goy Veenhuys

Networking for a more balanced & happy life

Ayesha Rekhi

Speaker, Ambassador at Embassy of Canada to the Czech Republic

Jackie Brock-Doyle

Speaker, Executive Director, Communication at World Athletics

Kristin Engvig

Speaker, CEO & Founder of WIN

Edina Seleskovic

Taking Visionary Risks: How can Creativity Solve Every Problem?

Antonia Burrell

Be bold and overcome your fears

Loredana Popasav

The Impostor Syndrome - often wrong, never in doubt

Véronique Goy Veenhuys

Speaker, Founder of Foundation EQUAL-SALARY

Steliana Economu

Speaker, Founder Mothers as Leaders

Claudia Pirani

Speaker, President of BPW Brazil

Alena Huberová

How to find your leadership mojo

Ekaterine Maisuradze

Speaker, President of BPW Georgia

Cristina Muntean

TRUST: How We Gain It, Lose It and How to Fix It for Better Careers and Lives

Andrea Tkačuková

How to have it all?

Flavia Gomes Aragao

Have the confidence to dare!

Ivana Šedivá

How to influence others, how to identify manipulation

Wissal Sukkari

Whatever you believe you will achieve

Dinah Richter Spritzer

Giving and Getting Feedback Without Losing Our Minds

Kathy Gruver

Speaker, Author, Coach