Loredana Popasav

The Simplified Mind, transformative coach

Tuesday 30.3.2021
Thursday   1.4.2021

Hello, I am Loredana, I love people and cats, I drink coffee and I am a transformative coach.
My professional background is in the business world, with a career built in media, advertising and marketing. My jobs were to lead myself and others in order to grow the business for the company and for my clients through finding commercially exploitable insights, about the consumers.
My work kept me on a continuous quest to be more successful through a better understanding of marketing, but also of individual colleagues, teams and consumers.This is how I came across an understanding of the mind that completely shifted the way I looked at success, relationships, psychology and my life. This understanding inspired me to change profession and to embark on a journey dedicated to bringing this knowledge to other people.
I am double licensed as Practitioner of the 3 Principles and Transformative Coach, by the One Thought Institute in the UK and The Supercoach Academy in the US. Under my coaching practice, The Simplified Mind and the NGO I co-created, The Human Potential Academy, I worked with hundreds of people, from all walks of life – from teenagers to entrepreneurs, business executives to educators, CEOs to nuns, women leaders to health professionals, to name a few. I work with people regardless of background or status, ambitions or abilities, hopes or fears, who is open to learn about the mind and themselves.So, if you want to increase your performance, decrease stress, meet your potential, or give up anxiety, while living a beautiful life, I really look forward to assist you in your journey..

Topic:  The Impostor Syndrome – often wrong, never in doubt

There is a tendency for some successful women to doubt themselves, their potential, success and skills. They attribute their success to sheer good luck, or external circumstances. They fear they won’t live up to expectations and will be caught out as impostors.

Usually this line of thinking gets people narrow minded, focused on the negative emotions and they start sabotaging their own performance and results.

My mentoring sessions will focus on understanding why the Impostor Syndrome is often wrong and why by doubting it we can get some perspective and avoid a lot of unnecessary pain.

Main thought for mentees:

Peace of mind and clarity, kindness and trust.

Which woman i would like to meet:

Queen Elisabeth II

My sources of inspiration:

The Missing Link, by Sydney Banks

What would help to make women’s VOICE in society to be moreheard?

Women need to trust themselves. When we are not afraid our VOICE is clear and people around start listening.

What I would like to read about myself:

I would prefer the newspapers to write about my work in mental health, not about me.