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Equality in leadership: how Danone supports women to succeed in management roles

Frederic Guichard, Regional Vice President and General Manager for Central and Eastern Europe at Danone, highlighted the importance of promoting diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace as both a moral imperative and a business advantage during the “Empowering Women Mentoring” inter-company mentoring session hosted by Business & Professional Women CR.

Danone boasts a wide range of employees, of which more than 55% are women (33% are in management positions), and is actively seeking to achieve gender balance, with the goal of having 50% women in management by next year.
Guichard also stressed the importance of concrete measures to promote inclusiveness, such as flexible working hours and achieving pay equity. The company actively supports women through mentoring programmes and in collaboration with organisations such as Business & Professional Women CR.

Danone aims not only to break down structural barriers but also to help women overcome prejudices and stereotypes that hinder their professional development and invites all interested parties to join their efforts to create a fairer working environment and a society with many economic benefits.

Danone is a partner of the 15th Equal Pay Day Conference, where you will have the opportunity to meet their personalities not only on stage but also in the audience.

Frederic Guichard about diversity and inclusion