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Confirmed! The moderator of the Equal Pay Day conference will be Barbora Kroužková.

This year, the journalist and moderator of the evening news Události on Czech Television will take on the role of moderating the first conference day of Equal Pay Day. We are delighted that Barbora has accepted this offer because she herself is concerned with the issue of the position of men and women in society. Thanks to her skill in asking precise questions, the microphone will be in the most qualified hands during the 15th annual conference.

“Women in our country still have lower wages than men in many positions. The gender pay gap in our country was 17.7% last year. It is unacceptable for women to have to work 60 days longer to achieve the same result. This inequality has many causes, and it is necessary to uncover, name, and eliminate them. That’s why I gladly accepted the offer to moderate this year’s 15th edition of the Equal Pay Day conference. It is a very important topic that should be addressed by the state, certainly also by every employer, and of course, by each of us,” says Barbora Kroužková regarding her motivation to become the guide for the entire conference day.

Barbora graduated with a master’s degree in Political Science and International Relations from IPS FSV. She has been working in the media since 1992 and has two children. In addition to anchoring the main news, she also hosts the editorial program Události, komentáře, and in the past, she has interviewed prominent figures on the program Interview ČT24. Furthermore, she has long been involved in public benefit activities, and last year, she received the Forum of Donors’ Award for Journalists for her contribution to philanthropy. For example, last year, she was the patron of the popular Advent Concerts collection on Czech Television and regularly hosts podcasts for the Forum of Donors.