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Early Birds Ticket to the Equal Pay Day

By 19. 10. 2022 No Comments

Ticket to the Equal Pay Day as:

  • education- employee benefit that will support, encourage and activate talents by offering them new impulses by breaking their daily routine with the work-experience program
  • source of the latest information on equal opportunities 
  • motivational tool for fresh ideas, pumping up new energy and courage to do something extra for ourselves and for the company
  • quick upgrade after parental leave, encouragement and thanks

Ticket packages 10+1 free, 15+2 free, 20+3 free
order by email at sekretariat@equalpayday.cz or by phone at +420 731 970 136.

Why do companies send their employees to the Equal Pay Day? 

  • Professionalism and quality content of the conference. A safe and welcoming sharing atmosphere.
  • The unique design strengthens / changes the perception of equal opportunities within companies.
  • Presents female role models.

High level of female mentoring (online and offline). Empowerment – strengthening and building the team spirit, inspiration by female role models motivates, gives courage and energy. The participants informally present themselves and their company culture. 

New contacts. During the professional networking, the participants become bearers of positive change in the company, come up with new ideas and inspire other women around them. 

Work teams have been sent regularly by Mondeléz International, AB Inbev, Raiffeisenbank, MARS, ČEPS, Uniqa, Essox, Kaufland, Philip Morris, Allianz, Rossmann, Synlab, Mary Kay, IKEA, DHL Supply Chain, ING, GSK and other important partners.