Cristina Muntean’s invitation

Dear Friends.

So much in happening on Planet Vornica these days that it’s making my head spin. Just a quick overview: we are working super hard with two teams of international experts on two fronts – building our community and launching our podcast – both by March 8th, a symbolic date for women all around the world. In parallel, PEARL is rolling like a beautiful song; we are already into its 4th module and our participants are a delight. To top everything, events for 2023 start to be announced, so here is a quick overview of where we can meet this year.

The first, juiciest, and most delightful opportunity for us to meet in person is in Prague on March 31st, for the 14th edition of EQUAL PAY DAY, a regional conference on a mission to eliminate the gender pay gap in the Czech Republic and in Europe.

The conference is brought to you by the Business & Professional Women Czech Republic and its amazing trailblazer Lenka Šťastná, who has been driving systemic transformation in the heart of Europe for more than a decade.

Traditionally, I will have the honor to mentor both in Czech and in English, and both in person on Saturday, April 1st, and online on Sunday, April 2nd. My topic this year is how to become startegically visible when working online and from home, a subject that brings together beautifully both my expertize in personal branding and in remote work. Bring it on, baby!

Therefore, if you have amazing women in your team, company, or network who are in dire need of inspiration and motivation for the next step in their careers and leadership, the Equal Pay Day conference is where they should be at the end of March this year. Howgh!