Vojta Urban

Lifestyle coach & Founder of project Urbanlife

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I work as a lifestyle guide and help people tailor their lifestyle to their genetics (sleep, nutrition, exercise and work-life balance) for overall health, more energy and satisfaction. I am fascinated by the functioning of the human body and mind, and I connect my knowledge in this area with the influence and demands of today’s rapid times.

Are you planning a „Change“ in 2022?

Focus even more attention and efforts on the activities that make me and my colleagues the most beneficial.  And find enough time for activities that make me healthy and happy.

What would help to make women‘s VOICES more heard in the society?

Make the most of femininity and its qualities/benefits for our society, because it can be very refreshing for today’s performance-oriented times.

What do you do when something doesn’t work out for you the same way as you planned?

I usually think about different possible solutions and also my motivation for the matter.

What would I like to read about myself:

Definitely more lifestyle inspiration than model headlines 😀

Sources of inspiration:

Lately, I’ve been really inspired a lot on my business and personal journey, and that led to the creation of the new e-book Manual for Life, which is free to download at urbanlife.cz.