Valentina Mladenović

Founder of Cubizma – studio for design and digital fabrication


New product design development is in progress. Procurement of new equipment and hiring a new associate are planned. The search for new sales channels is underway with the intention of meeting the pandemic as well as the post-pandemic period.

Mentoring topic:  Leave the business comfort zone in the fifties

I believe that my life path as well as my business and self-experiences can be useful to participants in a few different ways. Someone else’s experience will probably not be our personal experience, but it can help us to better understand our own limitations as well as the range of possibilities. This topic can be especially important for participants who feel that it is too late to start completely new things in their middle – age lifetime. My own experiences may encourage ladies – participants if they have their own ideas. Also, together we can raise awareness of their doubts and perhaps make them more realistic and easier to resolve.

What is the best advice you have ever gained?

“Spread your arms and take what you want. The whole beautiful world is yours.” (Wise words of my father that I understood and really felt 30 years later.)

Are you planning any change in 2022?

Near future plans are moving in two compatible directions: purchasing new equipment, i.e., stereolithography technology-based 3D printer as well as acquiring necessary new knowledge and skills.

How do you refill your energy?

I prefer contrasts. An intensive intellectual activity seeks balance in an adequate physical activity. Individual creative activity finds a balance in socializing with positive and interesting people.

What do you do when you can’t do something, as you imagined?

First: make some distance from the problem. Second: change a point of view. Third: analyse if I need some new knowledge or skills. Fourth: try to find a new approach or person who can give me support.