Lenka Axlerová

CZ&SK Public Sector Leader at Microsoft

Friday 31.3.2023

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

About me

I work with a great team that helps customers change public administration, healthcare and education in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

What do YOU DO to be SEEN & HEARD?

I listen carefully. It may sound like a paradox, but this is much more important than being immediately heard and seen. Every day I expand my circle of people who can inspire me and from whom I learn. And if I need to let a wider circle of people know anything, I use LinkedIn.

What kind of CHALLENGES are the most imporant in 2023?

Challenge No.1: safety. It must be remembered that we are in a hybrid war. Name the risks correctly and start preparing for them in time.
Challenge No.2: education. The success of our society in the medium and long term depends on the level of education. Changing our education so that a young growing up generation who will have correctly set basic values, will be able to think critically, will be able to work with a large amount of information and evaluate its relevance.

What kind of CHANGE you would like to SEE & MAKE?

Greater respect and kindness towards each other.

What are the topics that are not publicly spoken, but it definitely should be?

How we are influenced by algorithms that we do not know how they work. Why is it that when two people type the same word into a search engine, they get different results? Why do we see exactly the kind of posts we see on social networks? Why are specific ads targeting us when we browse websites?

What would your younger YOU should know?

What my younger self knew at the time. Everything has its time.