Katalin Ertsey

First Secretary – Economic Section at Hungarian Embassy in Prague

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Speed mentoring TOPIC

Stages in life – how can you have it all?

Being in the 4th stage of my career, I wish to help my clients to find the right approach and be able to balance.

You can have it all – but not necessarily at the same time!

What kind of good advise would you like to share?

Yes, we can have it all. But not everything at the same time at the same level of intensity – that would be insane. Life is a series of stages. You need to be able to put together your life and career from these various stages like Lego blocks. There is time for working really hard and focusing on getting ahead. There is a stage when you need to concentrate on your family. There are times when you can give back to other women. There is a stage where you may give less time but at higher quality. There is a time for all those various stages.

Wish the best for 10th anniversary:

To be able to give acknowledgement and appreciation to many hardworking women who are pushing themselves so hard every day.

About me

I worked for 15 years for various international NGOs in executive and consultant roles, then moved on to the corporate sector advising clients on business ethics, CSR and diversity issues in the telecom and media sectors and government agencies. I served as an MP in the Hungarian parliament for the Greens working on women’s issues, consumer protection and foreign affairs. I started my foreign service in Prague in 2016 where I work on science, innovation and startups. I organized the first V4 Women’s Startup Workshop & Networking Day for social impact startups with Impact Hub Prague. I recently participated in a women’s business mission to Israel to study innovation and startup ecosystem. I use my diverse experience in all three sectors – nonprofit, corporate and government – and in 7 countries skills for mentoring pro bono for the local startups and business leaders, especially to women.