Introduce yourself in 5 sentences

I love what I do!

People who can say this are lucky; and there aren’t many of us.

Although the association is not mine, I treat it like it’s my business.

Actions speak louder than words.

Eva Svobodová

General Director AMSP ČR

„Don’t do anything only half-way. Put at least 100% into everything. :-)“

⊕ Friday 29.3.2019

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What idea would you like to pass on to conference guests and why?

Since 99% of all businesses in the Czech Republic are small- and medium-sized enterprises and 95% of them are micro-businesses with fewer than 10 employees, the main topic is “How Important It Is to Build a Company Culture in a Small Team”.

What do you expect to gain from this conference?

I am open to other information, opinions and practical experience.

The main 2019 topic is Corporate Identity. What is your view on this topic?

The culture within an organization reflects on how we live and work and is directly dependent on internal PR. Every employee must know the PRODUCT(S) of the company, the PURPOSE of the company and AGREE with it. This is something that you cannot put in any internal regulation – it takes constant work. The level of internal PR is defined by what people wear, how clean the workplace is, and how well communication, promises, honesty and fair-play work. If everybody knows exactly what to do, how their work determines other people’s work and how it is linked, then the company can achieve very good results. Management must communicate with employees and ask them how they feel, how they see the company, whether they would recommend working there to people they know, how well the employees communicate with each other, whether they are proud, satisfied, know their purpose and goal, whether there are any work related issues and difficulties, and if so, address them immediately and show interest. Internal PR and company culture are most definitely devalued by management that claims one thing and does another or does not sufficiently communicate; the vacuum is filled with distorted truths or assumptions.