Edian Seleskovic

Multidisciplinary artist Art and Technology

neděle 28.3.2021
pondělí 29.3.2021

EDINA SELESKOVIĆ is a multidisciplinary artist recognised within the United States art scene and in her native Bosnia. Edina’s work connects young people and creativity, cultural institutions and cities, art and new technologies. In 2020, she is the recipient of the World Citizen Artist Award.

Topic:  Taking Visionary Risks: How can Creativity Solve Every Problem?

Throughout human history, times of ambiguity have led to evolutionary quantum leaps. Our contemporary time of crisis, time of the pandemic, need not be any different. It is obvious that disruption in every aspect of our lives is no longer a desire or a luxury, but a necessity. In essence, creativity today is an existential obligation. Seeking the answers and inspiration for the metamorphoses of self and the world, arts and artists can be the catalysts for inventiveness, imagination, and innovation. The arts are defined by the adventure of expression, overcoming fears of taking visionary risks in the process of creation. Thus, art is extremely valuable in teaching courage to make new, imperfect things that nobody will understand, through impartiality to alternate perspectives.

On our journey we will discover how artists employ inventiveness in the process of creation. Together we will learn how to perceive the world and ourselves through a different perspective, to see beyond the discernible. Cultivating creativity and the ability to navigate complexity, we will use practices of visual art & design, in order to be able to apply them to leadership.

Main thought for mentees:

I hope to inspire viewing the world and ourselves from an entirely different perspective, not conforming to the singular aspect of individual narratives. I know that we can repair the connections we lost and give impulses of hope, imagination and creativity.

What triggered me the most last year?:

I have found myself, like so many artists with postponed exhibitions, cancelled plans, stationed in one place and yet I discovered a singular certainty that I have to continue pushing forward with a new resolve and determination and a new responsibility beyond the art world.

Sources of inspiration:

Visual art uniquely crosses all borders and divides. It can connect us beyond limitations that have beens placed upon us: as a language understood beyond time and space we find ourselves in. DADA art is created in diversity and it can inspire us again today.

Which women i would like to meet:

Marina Abramovic, Michelle Obama and Joan of Arc.

What would help to make women’s VOICE in society to be moreheard?

Contemporary age has, for so long, taught us the value of individuality. Adversity teaches us the value of solidarity. Solidarity among women can intensify our voice and allow it a far greater reach.

What I would like to read about myself:

Edina is changing general perception of art and artist. She has shown that the ‘artification’ of society through contemporary aesthetics can encourage public discourse, inspire connectivity, and give a voice to our individual and collective freedom.