Introduce yourself in 5 sentences

When I was young, I was shaped by orienteering, among other things. Since then I have been trying to be faster, but more importantly, not to lose sight of the right direction and not to lose track in either my personal or professional lives. Just like in orienteering, there are different paths in life that will lead you to your goal and if you want to achieve ultimate success, you have to choose the right one. And it is not always the shortest or the easiest path. I am a long-distance runner who keeps searching for new paths to reach the goal, who likes winning and who does everything not to lose herself along the way.

Diana Procházková

Director of HR and corporate services ČEPS a.s.

„Never give up.“

⊕ Friday 29.3.2019

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What idea would you like to pass on to conference guests and why?

If we want something, let’s not be afraid and ask for it. Let’s not be afraid and do it. And let’s pass this experience onto others. Our children, co-workers, friends and people around us.

What do you expect to gain from this conference?

Inspiration, a good atmosphere and the feeling that I am not in it alone.

The main 2019 topic is Corporate Identity. What is your view on this topic?

Corporate culture is not about mottos and claims; corporate culture must be lived by the employees. It is important that employees adopt the principles and rules that their company advocates; it is even more important that the management identifies itself with these principles and rules. It is up to each individual and all daily little things. We cannot expert that a company will be friendly, open and respectful, if we don’t even say “hello” to the people who work with us.