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Exactly in two months, the 11th annual Equal Pay Day conference, which is attended by more than 1,000 active women, begins.

The conference’s organizer Business & Professional Women CR (BPWCR) is celebrating its 10th anniversary and decided to encourage women to make a difference in society to attend the conference and offer 10 discount  days.

Lenka Šťastná, president of BPWCR, says: “We want to give all women the opportunity to come to the conference to look at the current issues of the position of women at work through the eyes of working women, to see how women support women but also to not avoid views and opinions of men. “

The following 10 days, until February 5, 2020, BPWCR offers tickets for a discounted price of 3200 CZK (the normal price is 5700 CZK) for the full program. Women can also enjoy discounted tickets for the Friday conference program only (CZK 2700 in advance, regular price CZK 5300) during these ten years.

Women in difficult financial situations may apply for tickets. BPWCR will cover such requests to join the Mentoring Day from its Scholarship Fund. Applications are now available at

What is the main topic of the conference this year? The key motive is the role of women in sustainable business.

Lenka Šťastná explains that women face more challenges in business than men do. According to her,  it is important to find a common ground, to learn how to communicate better with men and become aware of their opinions on the responsible business and the role of women in it. Companies who address the different needs of their employees in a responsible way are proven to achieve better economic results. However, the perception of women in business is still affected by a range of prejudices and stereotypes. They will also be discussed at the Equal Pay Day.

The other topic that will be discussed is how to deal with the gender pay gap. Why the Czech Republic is still the weakest country in Europe in this regard, and if Czech society is open to a debate on the topic of equality, or it rather downplays this issue.

In this context, the term “Respect the gap in work” appears. This will also be discussed at the conference. The Czech Republic, unlike many other EU countries,does not measure inequality between women and men in their share of unpaid work (family care). Does this work  enjoy the right to be respected by the Czech society?

This year the conference welcomes important guests from the Czech Republic and abroad, including the Saturday program, which is traditionally dedicated to mentoring.

This year’s conference is held on 27 and 28 March 2020 at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague. Partners of the event include leading companies who are not indifferent to sustainable development and the role of women in it.

The conference is supported by: Mars, Uniqa, Mary Kay, Mondelez, ASAHI, Wunderman Thompson, Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, Smart Emailing, Yventech.

About BPWCR: Business & Professional Women CR is a public for profit organization that brings together active women to promote and develop their personalities, to fulfill their professional, personal and social roles. The organization is a member of the international international network of BPW, active in 110 countries around the world, where Senator Františka Plamínková was one of the first Czech members.  The organization supports development of friendship, mutual support and cooperation between women of the whole world. This organization was founded in 2010 by Lenka Šťastná with the vision that when women come together they can do incredible things.

Kateřina Černá
Director of PR and Communication
Business & Professional Women CR
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