Wellbeing & Relax zone

Part of Mentoring Day on April 1, 2023

How do we know we’ve reached what we wanted? When do we feel happy? In what situations our eyes shine and we immerse into the flow stage of mind? This all happens at the moment we take time for ourselves and listen to all aspects of our being. Reason, body and our spirit all need attention. How do we do that? We need to stop, listen and get to know ourselves. In the Wellbeing & Relax zone you will have a chance to get to know and train some techniques focusing on calming self and shifting your view towards yourself.

10.15 – 10:45

Minute relaxations from Nevypusť duši

A little teaser of coupe relaxation techniques and introduction of multiple ways on how to embed them into everyday personal as well as professional life. We learn together, what each of us prefer and find advantages of different kinds of meditations.

Nevypusť duši is a non-profit organization. Its goal is to spread awareness about prevention in mental health, share real-world and proven information on a topic and strives to bring conversation about mental health to everyday life.

12:15 – 12:45

Meditative bath in a gong vibration

Deep relaxation during which you turn off all the thinking and stay just the way you are here and now.

Music vibration of gong can be felt among the whole body and supports deep relaxation and regeneration of overall balance. Calming sound and relieving vibration can heal psychosomatic symptoms, lower the stress level, release emotions, remove tension and negative feelings.

14:15 – 14:45

Meditative bath in a gong vibration

Kamila Černá & Kateřina Zapletalová
Kamila & Kateřina see gong as a great tool to attain a state of deep relaxation, meditation and transformation. They both graduated from Gong Master Training under the guidance of Don Conreaux. They organize Meditative bath in a gong vibration, seminars on Sound therapy and gong concerts.

16:15 – 16:45

Breathing techniques for calming down

Simple and available techniques to all is a work with our breath in times we feel overworked, restless and under time pressure.
All we need is a pair of healthy lungs, breath and a couple of minutes.

Studio Aloha jóga offers a gentle and empathetic approach, homy, joyful and non-competitive environment during highly professional yoga practices. All yoga lectures always respect principles of healthy movement.

Knowing yourself is the foundation of all wisdom. – J.A.Komenský

Entrance to the Wellbeing zone is available to all with a valid ticket (odkaz na vstupenky) for MENTORING DAY. No need for ahead registration.