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EQUAL = to strengthened equal opportunities 
EQUAL PAY = to remove pay gap 
EQUAL PAY DAY = symbolic day to activate solutions

Since 2010, the non-profit organization Business & Professional Women CR has been introducing the topic of equal pay and making pressure on the societal change of equal opportunities by using a long-year campaign culminating in a successful international conference. 

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Equal Pay Day is a symbolic day, drawing attention to the differences in pay between men and women. It is a global awareness campaign organized by BPW International in more than 100+ countries in the world. 

The Czech Equal Pay Day project aims to strengthen the economic security of women in the Czech Republic by opening a professional discussion between companies and the public about the causes of the still high wage inequality. By sharing good practices and presenting female role models, it supports the equal status of women at work and in society.


1/ Sustainability → 14 years → tradition and trust of partners → supplier BPWCR works fully in accordance with the sustainable development goals. Not only with the goal 5 – equality between men and women, but also 4, 8, 10 and 17. At the same time, it is a proven supplier in the framework of ESG.

2/ A recognized Central European platform for sharing the good practices of participating companies and presenting female role models supports the equal status of women at work and in society. The longest tradition of female mentoring in the Czech Republic. 

3/ International reach not only thanks to foreign speakers (partner companies and projects CEI, Anchors, AWE, Business Angels), but also the connection of organization within BPW International worldwide. Maintaining the online module of the program causes the spreading of impact throughout the Czech Republic and abroad → it enables companies to involve busy and hard-to-reach foreign speakers or mentors.


The conference is reported annually by the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic in the Report on Equality between Men and Women  as an important activity leading to the strengthening of equal pay between men and women at the national level and is regularly presented on the website of European Commission. EPD activities of the Czech BPW is presented as a model of activities to BPW International.   

  • We have already been recognized twice by the 22 % TOWARDS EQUALITY project from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs as the only comprehensive and specific conference and communication platform with a guarantee of reaching the key target groups.
  • In 2021, the content of the EPD campaign was nominated to the final shortlist of the Fenix Content Marketing competition.
  • Equal Pay day live in the TV station TV Nova 


Credibility and trust of companies
Quality conference content
Wide reach of the media campaign 

The gradually built strong brand (since 2010) is stable, reacts to current events, pursues long-term goals and quality partner relationships. Reputation and visibility ensure the sustainability of the entire project. 

Year-round growth in the interest of media partners – the presented topics are shown by the media throughout the year, the growing reach of the campaign (an average of 52 external outputs, more – PUBLICITY) 


The hard work on making visible the still high pay gap between men and women has paid off. After 13 years, we are celebrating success in the form of high media interest and the activities of a number of organizations and projects that follow on our work. The willingness of employers and the public to speak openly about the topic has increased dramatically.

  • annual increase in the target group – a total of 19.393 participants
  • mostly women 31-49 years old, university education, career ambition, 
  • significant loyalty of participants, they become ambassadors 
  • the community method of production increases the organic reach, 200 volunteers annually


As a big part of the project, we present female role models, who can be shadowed and followed. Prominent business women and men strive to appear at the event. 

  • we give each performer personal care in the form of professional consulting for performances in order to maintain quality and an uniform line of content
  • personalities who present themselves at EPD often apply as ambassadors of equal employment opportunities for men and women
  • a total of 308 conference speakers and 378 women in mentor roles were presented
  • female personalities who present themselves at EPD appear at other events, which is a very good reference for the equal involvement of women in the public.

Prominent EPD speakers are Věra Jourová (EC Vice-president), Lenka Bradáčová (state representative), Ivana Tůmová (DG Mondeléz International), Sari Einy Brody (Global Equality IKEA Group), Brian Ayiling (DG MARs), Libuše Šmuclerová (CNC), Lucie Urválková (Vice-Chairwoman of the Board of Directors and CFO of the insurance company Uniqa), Andrea Gontkovičová (director RRP CZ, SK and HU at Philip Morris International, member of the Board of Directors), Adriana Jahňáková (DG LEGO CZ/SK), Paolo Lanzarotti (DG Asahi), Boyan Neychev (DG Bell Group), Blanka Matragi (fashion designer), Kateřina Bílly Danišová (DG Synlab), Jan Vlček a Klára Brachtlová (DG TV Nova), Magdalena Vašáryová (politician), Helena Horská (Chief Economist, member of the Supervisory Board of Raiffeisenbank), Simona Stašová (actress), Drahomíra Mandíková (Director of Corporate Communication for Europe, Asahi), Flavia Gomez Aragao (Global International Supply Chain Head ABInbev), Jana Hanušová (DG Essox), Barbora Chuecos a Edita Szabó (DG Mary Kay), Taťána Gregor Brzobohatá (Ambassador to the UN), Tereza Zavadilová (Newstream), Klára Beňačková (CFO Kaufland Czech Republic v.o.s.) Danuše Nerudová (Rector of MU Brno), Mounia El Hilali (exCEO & CSO IKEA), Simona Kijonková (E-commerce enterpreneur), Irena Storova (Director of Súkl), Emma Boishardy (DG GSK),investor Kateřina Zychová, Dagmar Ledererová (Director of investment construction, GridServices s.r.o. – member of the Innogy group), Dita Stejskalová (co-owner of Ogilvy), Pavla Gomba (director of Unicef CR), Ivana Šachová (owner of Silex) and many others. Thank you. 


We agree on the parameters of cooperation with each partner individually according to current needs.


Price: 500,000,-Kč 

Presentation of the partner within the campaign | Media presentation:


  • Presentation of the partner as part of the campaign at least 16 times (in professional magazines and media via press information)
  • Including the company logo in project announcements. 
  • Partner’s logo in the event’s online/print materials and in the materials of our media partners.  
  • Logo in electronic newsletters (BPWCR and partner)
  • Year-round presentation of the logo on the project website.
  • PR text and logo on the Partners 2022 including an active hyperlink to the partner’s website.
  • Presentation on the social media (more than 9200+ fans and followers)
  • Named thanks during the introduction of the conference. 
  • Presentation of the partner by the moderator of the event. 
  • Projection of the partner’s presentation video during program breaks (online & offline)
  • Projection of logo during the event. 
  • Logo on the event’s partner banners. 
  • Photo documentation, video editing + film recording on the YouTube BPWCR

Sustainability and long-term partnerships:


  • Possibility to influence the strategy of com. Campaigns according to an individual agreement with the partner.
  • Exclusive visibility of the partner at the venue.
  • Adjustment of the event program according to the partner’s needs.
  • Own D&I projects can be appropriately communicated within the campaign.
  • Possibility of conducting your own survey within the campaign. 
  • Creation of a corporate identity in connection with the Equal Pay Day project (canvas)
  • Introducing the partner’s logo in the BPWCR annual report (proven ESG supplier, organization in line with SDGs). 
  • Final report on the event, looking back.  

Space for promoting products and services to event. Participants and followers: (COMPANY AND PRODUCT OR SERVICE)

  • Presentation place on the event – meeting point 
  • Personalized gifts as a deposit to the VIP bags of 150 items 
  • Placing products on the tables during the event  
  • Catalog presentation online version & offline 
  • Offline catalog handed over in the event‘s VIP bags and used for acquisition. 
  • Placement of the roll-up at the venue of the event

Raising the profiles of personalities, HR marketing (COMPANY AND PEOPLE) 

  • Position of the conference speaker
  • Position of mentor and online mentor
  • Promotion of person who appear only during the campaign  
  • Presentation of the partner by its own representative.   
  • Connection of B2B contacts (VIP zone, VIP meeting for mentors and partners February/March 2023, possibility of holding meetings at the partner’s spaces) 
  • 3 honorary invitations for recommended quests of the partner (VIP invite)
  • Tickets for employees (companies used the opportunity to organize teambuilding at EPD as an employee benefit and motivational tool)
    • Conference ticket for the management, or interns  
    • Ticket for mentoring also for activation of women after maternity leave  
    • Ticket for online mentoring for the entire Czech Republic, or EU regions


Public benefit organization Business & Professional Women CR z.s. (BPWCR) has been implementing year-round educational projects since 2010 that mediate the topic of the equal status of women in society and present female experts to the public as female role models that are still missing. For 13 years, BPWCR has been running the awareness campaign #equalpay (in Czech #rovnáodměna). BPWCR strives to disprove long-held prejudices and stereotypical thinking by presenting companies‘ best practices in the field of D&I. 

BPWCR brings ideas for projects and activities leading to an increase in the number of women in decision-making positions to greater use of their talents and at the same time offers very effective education in the form of speed mentoring.

BPWCR is part of the world’s most influential women’s organization BPW International, which has had consultative status in the UN since 1947,  as well in the EU (since 1977) and was the initiator of the organization of the Equal Pay Day worldwide. BPWCR is an ambassador of Women Empowerment Principles – a project in cooperation with UN Women. BPW operates in more than 100 countries around the world and continues the legacy of Františka Plamínková, one of the first Czech members and founders from 1930. 

Contact our team. We are looking forward to collaborate with you. 

Lenka.Stastna@bpwcr.cz / tel. 602 383 880
Helena.Dreiseitlova@bpwcr.cz / tel. 73197013

Other options of collaboration: titular partnership with Equal Pay Day, corporate membership in the BPWCR, involvement in the organization‘s projects (Empowering Women, Academy for Women Entrepreneurs with US Embassy Prague, Women Empowerment Principles), media coverage of topics related to the empowerment of women. www.bpwcr.cz

Photo gallery 22/ Overview 20/ Overview 21/ Catalogue 22/ Photo gallery 19