Kateřina Fišerová

CEO SmartSelling a.s.

She left social work and psychotherapy studies for the Acomware marketing agency, where she started as an assistant without any marketing knowledge. Despite this she became a key-account for VIP clients in her first year. She was at the birth of the e-mailing department, which has been supporting the top Czech e-commerce companies until today.

As a professional e-mail marketing specialist she went freelancing and picked only those jobs that had a heartbeat for her. Six years ago she was presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and returned to working closely with one of the clients.
The offer not to be refused was to lead SmartEmailing. During the “leadership” of a free firm she changed her view about terms such as: co-work, team, freedom, responsibility and intuition. She became a transformative coach certified by the World SuperCoach Academy in Los Angeles. She is currently part of a working group of 10 coaches in the Healing the World projects that meet in LaConner, USA, under the leadership of Dr. Dicken Bettinger. In 2019 she became CEO of SmartSelling and its co-owner.

Topic: Responsible business or a responsible life?

If we do not behave responsibly to ourselves, building a responsible business is a mega work. Maybe you can do great things, but without responsibility and concern for your own life, you will fall victim while saving a single city instead of celebrating saving the entire planet with the others.
A responsible life turns toil into lightness. I will tell you in my speech what has brought me to this knowledge.
For me, responsibility means: truthfulness, genuine interest, understanding, interconnection, sustainability, necessity.