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Close international partnership established through work on call for support Ukrainian women documentation

The international team from the CE region established together through our experience working closely on EPD conference, wrote a document calling for the support of Ukrainian women under the name of “A manifesto of NGOs from the CEI region to collaborate on women’s empowerment in response to the impact of the war in Ukraine.” This document contains suggestions on how a refugee woman is treated by the receiving country in order to flourish her full potential in her new home.

After more than a year of the war on the Ukrainian territory there is clear indication that the conflict will have much deeper consequences than we could have imagined. Families are divided, lives are torn apart, the country is devastated. The aim of this appeal is to eliminate the impact of the situation on women to the maximum extent possible, to reduce their vulnerability, to strengthen their economic security, to raise awareness of the risks of multiple discrimination, to spark debate about their status and to contribute to their own empowerment.

This is our first, however truly important project we, as a team, collaborated on. Our team cooperation brought us together, established deep relationships among us and we are ready to cooperate further on upcoming projects.

A fulfilled and empowered woman who has no fear for her existence or economic inadequacy is a solid building block for any society, regardless of her background. A society that can elevate a woman to an equal position and enable her to meet her basic needs will in return get a strong ally in the labor market, in political organizations, in social events, but also elevates her to the status of an equal partner in the household, thus preventing complicated family situations from which a traumatized future generation emerges, the treatment of which in adulthood is again burdensome for the overall society. For this we stand and call upon all the refugees receiving governmental institutions to bear this in mind when setting the standard policies on how to treat people running away from homes and desperately searching for a new place to reside.