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Antonia Burrell: You must jump, you must take a lead, find confidence in yourself

Antonia Burrell is one of the UK’s best-loved skincare experts, Celebrity Facialist and International Speaker and Lecturer. Antonia has not only faced gender inequality but also racial inequality during her work life. At the beginning of her cosmetic brand Antonia Burrell Holistic Skincare, she was the only black woman presenting her own cosmetic products. She was scared at first to be the first pioneer in the field but she found the courage and became a respected skincare expert. She has been doing skincare business for over two decades and she has found it very important to find the work/life balance to be able to be a great leader and, at the same time, a great mother and wife.

She devoted her speech at the 12th year of Equal Pay Day mainly to the topic of not being scared to be our own selves and make the most of our uniqueness. Get motivated by the woman who is ready to share her positive energy and great tips with you all!

She revealed, among other things:

  • How she overcame her uncertainty in the beginning of her career
  • How important is to use our uniqueness to sparkle
  • Her favourite motto: ‘’Lift as you climb.’’
  • How she manages to spend high-quality time with her family.
  • Why she believes in the mutual support of women
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In the Czech Republic, Equal Pay Day is organized by the public benefit organization Business & Professional Women CR z.s.,  which brings together active women who want to do much more than just business. The organization is part of the BPW International network, which has been operating in more than 100 countries for over 90 years. The founding member of the organization was the Czech senator Františka Plamínková. This organization was founded in the Czech Republic in 2010 by Lenka Šťastná with the vision that when women come together, they can do incredible things.

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