Zuzana Indruchová

HR manager for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, Mondelez Czech Republic

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Mgr. Zuzana Indruchová, PhD. has more than a decade of experience in various HR management roles in an international environment with a focus on HR business partnerships, organizational efficiency and development practice and change management in FMCG and the manufacturing sector. She started as a development specialist, gradually moved upwards through HR manager and manager of talent organizational efficiency in partnership with the countries of the Central Europe region, and became the leader of the HR integrated supply chain for various countries in southern Central Europe.

Currently, she works as People Lead for CZ/SK/HU at Mondelēz. The sweet world of chocolate, cookies and snacks in general, where she has been for over 15 years, restores her desire and energy to constantly learn, be agile and explore the amazing field of human resources. She specializes in the agenda of transformation, engagement and career development. Her postgraduate work and studies were focused on diversity management in Czech companies.

She is a great supporter of flexible work, she returned to work after 6 months of maternity leave and was able to combine a professional career and the role of mother.

What do you do when you can’t do something, as you imagined?

I stop, inhale and exhale. I try to find my way around quickly, to analyze why I am not doing well.  And I will do it again in different way. I am not giving up. I share what is happening to me because they can be an inspiration for a new solution and at the same time I can help them avoid the same mistakes.

What do you think would help to make women’s VOICE be more heard?

As a mother returning to work after five months, I know how difficult it is to organize personal and professional life, even if you have a strong family background and a supportive organization.  If I narrow your question to the fact that a woman’s voice will be heard more in the society, if we allow them to return to work earlier, then it is definitely about reconciling work and personal life, which I personally see as key for me – to be able to manage all roles at home and at the same time bring added value at work, if I get the necessary time just for myself, I feel that I can manifest more confidently and gain the strength to influence the world around me.

From the point of view of the organization, it is about an adaptation to the requirements of women to work in more flexible regime – working from home, more flexible throughout the day, employers‘ willingness to adapt job opportunities in terms of job content and keep the appropriate financial reward. Building a culture of truly equal opportunities is also an important factor. I feel that, paradoxically, the situation with COVID has helped; flexibility is becoming part of our working lives.

Are you planning any „Change“ in 2022?

Change is part of my DNA, in general I very much welcome changes and I look for them.  I do not mind that it sometimes hurts in the short term, on the contrary, I find the benefits of change in the long term. I believe that in 2022 many positive changes await for me and that I will manage them well.

What would you like to read about yourself in the newspaper?

I would like to be an inspiration and perhaps an impulse for women in similar situation to reconcile family and working life.

Sources of inspiration:

For me, it is definitely a networking opportunity – not to be afraid to share what I feel, to look for stories that inspire me, to be part of a group of strong women who want to on their know-how.