Mónika Harsányi

Head of International Projects, Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Speed mentoring topic:
The impact of women entrepreneurs on sustainable business environment

Saturday 1.4.2023

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

Mentoring Day
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Topic:  The impact of women entrepreneurs on sustainable business environment

Women entrepreneurs are more sensitive to create positive social and environmental impacts with their activities and their daily operations. How can we generate new cooperation in order to generate positive impacts and with whom? How can we turn our charity actions into a sustainable, long-term cooperation?

These mentoring session helps to identify the social and environmental impacts of women businesses, give a guideline for those entrepreneurs who would like to develop their business models to be more sustainable.

About me

With leading different transnational projects and a national knowledge transfer program focusing on sustainable SMEs for five years, my main goal is to enhance a competitive and sustainable entrepreneurial environment within the CEE region. Building sustainable business environment requires new mindset of cooperation and innovative tools to raise awareness of among entrepreneurs and stakeholders.

I believe that we can always learn new things from each other, the key element is to discuss, share our knowledge, expand our networks and we will see that the benefits are coming soon.