Michaela Hrdličková

Director Patient Advocacy Canada/Europe/partner markets at Biogen

Monday  09.11.2020  14:15-15:15

Michaela Hrdlickova has been involved in the pharmaceutical industry since 1995. Between 2010–2017, she was the Country Director of Biogen, Czech Republic. At the same time, she was a Vice President of the Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry. In 2017-2019, she was leading the international team responsible for a specific therapeutic area in Central/Eastern Europe. Currently, she is the Director of Patient Advocacy for Canada/Europe SMA, the member of Biogen’s Global Corporate Affairs team.

Every year since 2016, she has been named as one of the TOP Business Women in the Czech Republic by Economia publishers. Forbes magazine has listed her as one of the most influential women in the Czech Republic for the last two years.

Michaela’s website can be found at: www.balancevzivote.cz

“I would like to inspire women, who are not satisfied with their lives and who don’t live in the way they dream to live. Maybe, they will realise that it’s because they don’t find their own individuality and inner beauty.”

Topic: When you know your “why” or, how to find greater meaning in your work

Looking for balance is important. We should not forget to pay attention to our well-being as we continue to strive. From Michaela’s own experience, she knows that there will be always tasks and challenges which we need to get through. There is one at the moment that influences the entire world – the COVID-19 pandemic, which has greatly influenced our work-life balance. Despite the obstacles posed by this situation, it is important not to give up. Finding the right path can be challenging but not impossible. When we know WHY, the solutions can be interesting and innovative. If something goes differently than we imagine, it can also be an unexpected opportunity.