Lenka Simerská

Main manager of the project 22 % K ROVNOSTI, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

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In 2016 Lenka accepted a big challenge – to deal with the differences in incomes of Czech women and men from the position of the state. At the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs she manages the 22 % TOWARDS EQUALITY project, where specific tools, analyses, recommendations and procedures are created.

What would help to make women‘s VOICES more heard in the society?

Women’s solidarity with each other would help the most. Women’s networks and targetted mutual support. That would be awesome! If everytime a panel, membership in an authority or media commentary is about to come, a present woman said – wait a minute, we don’t have women here, let’s keep looking for some and reach out. It would certainly be noted by the people.

What would I like to read about myself:

I would like to read within the headlines that the pay gap in the Czech Republic was zeroed. It wouldn’t be about me, but I would feel my little piece of work done. I would also like to read that I live in a free educated society, where the smart and hardworking people are given the space, we have the best innovations, purity, health and discussions and consensus flourishes.

Sources of inspiration:

Most of all, I recommend a journey into your own self. Honest introspection, because when we uncover everything that does not belong to us, a stream of self-inspiration and open channels of intuition arrives.